Booklet: Usability, user experience and user-centred design

Users of computers and mobile devices today expect them to be simple, clear and comprehensible to use. They have to be designed with the user in mind and correspond to established and familiar operating concepts. This approx. 70-page booklet explains bbv’s approach to developing products, which are effortless to use and gain the approval of users.

Booklet: Agile project management in theory and practice

Anyone wanting to manage projects agilely not only has to grapple with the associated technical terms, rather also needs solid foundations and a wealth of practical knowledge. This 70-page booklet explains the important aspects of agile project management and what can lead to failure.

Booklet: Software development for mobile applications, UX and testing

When setting out to develop mobile applications, a variety of platforms, device types and development environments have to be examined and various user interfaces considered. This 80-page booklet provides an excellent overview of all of the relevant aspects of software development for mobile platforms.

Booklet: Embedded scripting with the LUA script language

Software has to be increasingly flexible and this is also true in the embedded world. Embedded script languages show their strengths here, not least because they can generally communicate seamlessly with software, which was developed traditionally in C or C++. This 55-page booklet offers a simple and efficient introduction to Lua.

Booklet: Overview of the new C++ standards C++11 to C++17

This 70-page booklet is intended for software developers who want to get to grips with the new C++ standards. It provides an overview of the new, modern functions and language extensions of the object-oriented language, which should and can make life easier for software developers.

Decision-making aid for choosing the right IoT cloud platform

The aim of this 64-page booklet is to provide assistance for those responsible for IoT projects before starting a project or product development. The booklet focuses primarily on the topics that are often neglected when choosing the platform or in general when starting the IoT project. It offers numerous checklists in this regard.

Booklet: Software migration to Windows Azure

Cloud computing is well established at this stage. Microsoft got on board years back with the Azure platform and now offers the most comprehensive range of services in the public cloud. This booklet explains exactly what lies behind Azure and how you can migrate existing software.

Booklet: Cloud and Microsoft Azure in a nutshell

Nobody keeps their own electricity and hydroelectric power plant in their cellar – that would be inefficient. Equally, it makes sense economically to use cloud resources rather than to try and manage your entire IT in-house. This booklet explains the advantages and disadvantages of cloud solutions and the different services, and highlights the role played by Microsoft Azure.

Booklet: Designing and developing styles and templates with WPF

This 60-page booklet deals with the basics of styles and templates and uses a sample project and several code sections to demonstrate how to quickly and easily utilise the advantages of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) when designing own programs.


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