Mindful of the need to react quickly in an emergency, bbv developed an intuitive and reliable app, which sends alerts and fault messages to the smartphone. In addition, a server solution was developed to allow the messages to be controlled centrally within building management.

ATT-AudioText Telecom AG was seeking a push notification solution for its customers for Android devices, which would allow them to receive warning and alert messages via an app in case of need. In response, bbv custom-designed and implemented an app with APP within the framework of an agile project. Communication with the .NET-based alert server is handled via SOAP.

Thanks to bbv’s longstanding experience in implementing Android apps, the project was successfully implemented within a short period of time. Agile project management meant also that the implementation could be tailored precisely to the needs of the customer. What’s more, bbv’s .NET specialists were able to support the customer holistically with implementing the project.

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Industries: ICT & media/ Industry
Publishing year: 2013
Format: Success Story


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