Schindler developed new high-performance hardware for the successful Bionic elevator family and wanted to use a new RTOS for this purpose. In response, bbv Software Services AG developed the Board Support Package (BSP) and the driver for the new platform.

eCos was chosen as the open source real-time operating system (RTOS) for a newly developed hardware platform for elevator control based on a ColdFire MDC5282 processor, with all required drivers also needing to be rewritten for this purpose. In addition, the existing application was to be ported to the new platform. The advantage of eCos is that it can be used without incurring licence fees.

In accordance with requirements, bbv first tackled the development tools. The RedBoot bootloader was then implemented and all drivers for the different interfaces and bus systems were programmed. At the same time, the operating system itself was ported to the new processor and the application migrated.

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Publishing year: 2016
Format: Success Story


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