The new SBB software placed extraordinary demands on the development: It had to offer high-availability and very fast response times as well as guarantee high quality and security. bbv supported SBB with the introduction of test automations and simulators and was able to guarantee both.

SBB Swiss Railways was seeking support for developing software for energy-optimised operation of its trains in order to accelerate the development process.

bbv supported SBB in rolling out scrum as an agile development method. New executable versions of the software are thus created in an iterative process at short, bi-weekly intervals. Change requests can also be incorporated in development at short notice. With the aim of getting the new versions up and running quickly, bbv also introduced test automation, which strives for high test coverage in a short time period. The upgrade paid off for the customer: Quality, stability and reliability of development have improved significantly.

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Industries: Transport
Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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