The SBB Intranet is the main channel for internal communication. Apart from comprehensive information, it also includes many self-service offers and a variety of specific SBB applications. The new “OneIntranet” project was to replace old individual portals and standardise them under a new design. bbv supported SBB with its testing know-how.

The old SBB Intranet was structured by divisions, lacked a standard structure and was very text-heavy. The new solution is a standard, modern Intranet with new design on a shared technical platform that also contains some applications. SBB relied on bbv’s testing know-how to provide support for testing.

bbv played a leading role in devising the test strategy and test planning for the new SharePoint-based Intranet. The bbv expert coordinated the creation of test cases and the risk-based performance of functional and non-functional tests, including defect management and reporting of test results. The measures collectively led to stable operation and a high level of acceptance among employees.

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Industries: Transport
Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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