Industrial grade Linux is used primarily in an industrial environment. bbv was engaged by Affolter Technologies SA to develop a tailored Linux system, which could also operate reliably in a harsh industrial environment and could be updated easily without the need for service engineers and connection to the network. Boot process, file system, remote interfaces and drivers were optimised for this purpose.

Affolter Technologies operates machine tools for producing micromechanical components. A desktop Linux distribution previously ran on these components but was too vulnerable to error. bbv was to configure and implement a Linux system for the machines, which would be optimised for the harsh industrial environment.

Following detailed analysis, bbv shortened the boot process to one third, introduced a fail-safe file system for CF cards, optimised touchscreen drivers and desktop managers and incorporated remote maintenance options. In addition, the Linux system on the machines can now be updated automatically with no loss of data simply by connecting a USB stick. From Affolter’s perspective, the new Linux represents a forward-looking, robust platform that reduces maintenance and travel costs significantly.

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Industries: Industry
Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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