Kündig is a leading supplier of contactless film thickness gauges. Migration to a new embedded hardware platform was required for a new device generation. bbv developed the software platform, ported the application, installed and integrated the development environment and trained the developers at Kündig.

Kündig, the internationally recognised supplier of contactless thickness film gauges, needed a new software platform for a new generation of gauges with new hardware. The application had to be migrated for this purpose and a new development environment installed. Kündig engaged bbv to handle the porting so that it could concentrate itself on developing the application.

The new hardware platform is based on an ARM9 single board computer with Linux as the operating system. It uses the latest version of the Apparatus Framework. Eclipse with a cross-debugger was used as the development environment. The Kündig team was able to continue supporting ongoing customer projects with no restrictions caused by bbv’s development work.

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Industries: Industry
Publishing year: 2015
Format: Success Story


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