Qt has been making a name for itself for years as a cross-platform framework for user interfaces and is widely used for Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile systems. bbv’s large DIN A0 poster on Qt 5.9 clearly lists all the latest Qt Essentials and Qt Add-Ons as well as obsolete and future modules and provides important information for incorporation in own projects.

Qt is long since “the” framework of choice when it comes to developing cross-platform applications that are to run under Linux, Windows and macOS. The framework focuses in this respect on the user interfaces. However, Qt also offers developers numerous modules for hardware integration (NFC, Bluetooth, sensors) and platform-specific functions.

The poster comes in a cheat sheet layout and offers a perfect overview of the Qt 5.9 Essentials and Qt Add-Ons. It provides a brief description, qmake arguments and text lines for each module on how to incorporate the modules in C++ and QML. In addition, it describes tools and useful utilities in connection with Qt.

Anyone who uses Qt to implement their projects will love this poster. Once on the wall, it provides the most important information to help in the search for the right module every time. You can order the poster free of charge here in DIN A0 format.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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