The constrained time frames for maintenance in the world’s longest rail tunnel demand precise and efficient planning. As no software was previously available for managing the work, a solution was developed together with SBB using an agile process. bbv developed an intuitive design for the software, which is quick to learn, transparent and self-explanatory to use.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the world at a length of 57 km. It also includes some 153 km of overhead line, 7,200 lights, 500 km of drainage and 2,200 electric cabinets, which have to be maintained constantly. Due to the absence of a service tunnel, this is done overnight three times a week as service call-outs that have to be assembled and coordinated.

bbv was tasked with developing intuitive and user-friendly software, which would plan the orders, optimise the journeys and support staff and vehicle scheduling. A user experience expert compiled the requirements and drove on the development in an agile software development process using UX prototypes. SBB is really impressed with the result, since the self-explanatory interface keeps training costs very low.

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